Kensington in Crisis

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The US is in the midst of an opioid overdose epidemic. Once upon a time the nation’s homeless and drug user was connected to poverty or “poor character.” Today all of society shares in its deadly path. Kensington, a Philadelphia neighborhood lingers in its wake. The police, city officials and residents struggle to find answers among the perils of the epidemic. Philadelphia witnessed over one thousand fatal overdoses in 2018. “Philadelphia County has the highest overdose rate of any of the 10 most populous counties in America. The city’s Department of Health estimates that 75,000 residents are addicted to heroin and other opioids, and each day, many of them commute to Kensington to buy drugs.” (Trapped By the Walmart of Heroin New York Times by Jennifer Percy October 12, 2018) We currently have over 700 homeless living in the Kensington area. Recovery can take years, stigma can add shame and despair. Children living in the area are exposed to the reality of drug use daily. Our documentary hopes to shed light on the issues, problems and solutions in Kensington as all of America looks to our city to quickly find answers.

Directed by Jill Frechie and John Ricciutti (USA)

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