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MarlBoro Lovers
MarlBoro Lovers

[Verse 1]
Cigarettes lit after sex
You fucked me up, the scar’s still fresh
Whiskey cold, oh, no regrets
I bite your lips, we’re in the trenches

[Pre-chorus 1]
As I dive into your skin
I found scars, I found scars
As I dive into my skin
It was dark, I am dark

[Chorus 1]
I’m afraid to lose you
Your touch is the only drug I trust
I’m afraid we’ll miss the cue
Undress cause you’re the only thing that makes me feel


[Verse 2]
3am, you lie on my arms
Out of condoms, soldiers unarmed
You slept so sound, I’ve lost my calm
Kiss your forehead, I am yours

[Pre-chorus 2]
You bite when you try to hide
All your scars, all your scars
You smoke when you think I sleep at night
But tell me dear, oh I am here

[a small message]
We’re pretty much, just, i don’t know,
Broken people
On the same bed, lying awake at night
Please just don’t worry about breaking me or something
it’s not gonna happen.
For one, I’m already ,like, broken as fuck.
For two, if it’s you, I don’t mind.
I want you to break me.

Well, it’s more like, I want you.

[Chorus 2]
I’m afraid, I’ll fuck you up
And Hennessy ain’t a godd place to start, oh.
I’m afraid to open your wounds,
Because of what the Jagermeister may say.

by Artsie (Nè), npm (Nguyễn Phương Mai) (VietNam)

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