1. To see this talented calligrapher draw his poem’s letters along the undulating edge of the sea was quite moving and mesmerizing! The poem’s fleeting existence is part of what draws out intimate attention!

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  2. So beautiful to watch the power of the sea married with the elegance of calligraphy on such a scale. As I was willing the water to miss the letters written in the sand, they were even more beautiful after the tide passed over and through them. Poetry in words, in letters and in the sea…Magic.

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  3. Rick Paulus is an extremely talented and gifted world class calligrapher and in his short film The Full Sea Rolls and Thunders shares his talent with the world.

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  4. Captivating, beautiful. Great adaptation, taking a text to a new medium so absolutely perfect. Poetry of the sea, by the sea, by the hand of one of our nation’s best calligraphers…who, opens himself up to us. To share that which resides in his heart, walking in harmony with, and sharing a love and passion, for the ocean.

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  5. We like the way the use of the transient nature of the waves mimics that aspect of life and how it relates to the subject of the poem.

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  6. Very beautiful. The film and music meld in such a way as to allow one to serenely float along in its wake.
    Well done Rick.

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