Go Do You: Szabo Ft. Dila

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Willow is cuddling up with her boyfriend Jackson before he leaves for work , his phone is left on the table and receives a text message while away from the room “Hey babe I’m downstairs xx have you told her about us yet? Willow’s heart breaking as she sees the text, loses control and confronts Jackson. He storms out of the apartment and jumps into a car with the mystery texter, Willow catches a glimpse of the grinning MMA champion Kelly Connor.

Willow has flash backs as it’s all starting to add up, the emotional pain of being played is nearly too much… Fuelled by an insatiable desire for revenge, she vows to get even… The training begins.
Using MMA skills she learns over 12 months, she attempts to get her revenge…

Directed by Jono Hart (UK)

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