The Rise

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Committed to malignancy survivors, this story starts with a canine (Bruno) trusting that his master will return home. Sarah was determined to have malignant growth and facing her conflict, she at long last successes to get another leash of life. She returns from the hospital. Sarah has a little family which includes Sanchez (the overseer) and the canine to consider her own. While the young lady touches base at home, the Golden Retriever welcomes her with a blossom. The canine gradually and relentlessly pushes her to get onto her feet and recoup totally. The young lady while on bed thinks back about her darling and those delightful minutes went through with him, until he passed away all of a sudden in a car crash while voyaging abroad for work. Following a year the young lady is seen all fit and fine when all of a sudden one day Bruno spews blood and passed away. During the internment of Bruno, the young lady asks Sanchez to let her be alone for at sometime. While Sarah supposes she is separated from everyone else, both the spirits of the lover and the canine were behind her demonstrating the solidarity that she isn’t alone. Loved ones may leave however love never leaves.

Directed by Abhijit Adhya (India)

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