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Vonnegut’s story introduces the audience to a world in which society is overpopulated and the United States’ Federal Bureau of Termination (FBT) exists to aid suicide and infanticide in order to maintain population control. The system requires that a person must voluntarily die in order to enable another human to live if born. In particular, the title references Shakespeare’s famous phrase, although it is pronounced “2 B R naught 2 B,” and simultaneously references the assisted suicide hotline dial code linked to the FBT within the context of this story.
We are introduced to characters in a Chicago hospital waiting room and tension is high. One waiting room holds the fate of both an expectant father and the staff awaiting calls from those who have exhausted the delights of this earth and are ready to make way for the next generation. Will the phone calls come before the babies arrive?

Directed by Lucy K Moroukian (USA)

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