Dead Bodies Below the Floor

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Charlie Shoemaker is a strange guy:
whenever he looks in the mirror, his face deforms.

The same goes for his family and friends.

No wonder, you see Charlie believes that at the age of nine, he was
abducted by the Mindbending Cradle Snatchers of Planet Nibiru.

And Charlie is convinced that the aliens took away the part of his brain
responsible for neural face recognition.

Charlie feels persecuted by literally everyone, so he sends packages to himself in order to see,
if they’ll be opened.

On top of that he hears voices that he considers to be the thoughts of his
fellow men.

Charlie warns everyone who doesn´t want to hear it about the gigantic
insectoid extraterrestrials that he now sees sneaking around everywhere.

THEY are going to take over the world says Charlie … and while he says so,
he starts to arm himself.

Now Charlie is ready: he just doesn’t know what for …

Directed by Andreas Tschiedel (AKA El Scorcho) (Germany)

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