The Unforgettable Augustus Post

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The producers use narrative and documentary film techniques, as well as animation, to tell the incredible story of Augustus Post, the automotive pioneer, aviator, balloonist, writer, actor and promoter of transportation technology. Told through family members who have unearthed his lost story, historians who view Post as a key figure in the modernization of transportation, and an imagined radio announcer from the mythic 1950s, this hybrid documentary reveals Post’s wide-ranging achievements and interests. But it also uncovers a complex individual whose widely scrutinized marriage and divorce was a source of great pain until his later years when a new relationship brought him comfort and solace. Post was best known for his record-setting balloon flight and voyage out of the Canadian wilderness in 1910. But he deserves a place at the forefront of history among those thrill-seekers who promoted a vision of a world where anyone could be an explorer.

Directed by Camille Servan-Schreiber (USA)

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