Rise n’ Shine

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During the Klondike gold rush, Tagish First Nation, Skookum Jim, hid millions of dollars’ worth of gold around the Yukon. 100 years later, Amanda, a small town wife/mother, dreams of opening Rise n’ Shine bakery on the Alaska Highway in memory of her mother. When her loan application is rejected because of her husband’s gambling problem she is spiritually crushed, and kicks Jim out. Later, when she returns to work at Mukluk Annie’s, two armed masked men hold up the restaurant and steal the historic relic “Charlie” believing that there’s gold in its snout. Amanda recognizes the men are her husband Jim and his shady friend, Randy. She volunteers herself as a hostage. After they dodge the RCMP and find a hideout, gold fever inevitably takes over, and Randy tries to steal the gold for himself. Jim and Randy fight, causing Jim to fall 100 feet into a river. Just as Randy is about to run away with the gold, Amanda catches him o guard and knocks him out. As the gold falls into the river, Amanda must choose between saving her good-hearted but very flawed husband or retrieving the sinking gold…

Directed by Silver Kim (Canada)

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