Ripple Effect

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It’s Kat’s 17th birthday and she’s excited about seeing her boyfriend first thing but when he turns up, her mother dismisses him. Tension further rises when her estranged father unexpectedly knocks on the door. The hate between her parents is expressed in a volatile shouting match.
After school, Kat’s drunken mother reveals that her father has leukaemia and is dying. Kat wants to see him but her mother still refuses. Upset, the teen stands her ground until things escalate and she is slapped in the face. This incident acts as the catalyst to the youth’s self-destructive drinking session later that night, which frightens both her brother and boyfriend Josh.
The next day, Kat and Josh argue over alcohol, but their passion for each other prevails as their argument dissolves into a make-out session. Unbeknownst to them, someone is watching and misinterpreting the situation. This stranger tries to attack Josh but is beaten up by the young couple. Weak, he falls to the ground but instead of stopping, Kat’s frustration is turned into fury and she keeps kicking him. She is pulled away by Josh but wants to keep attacking until the helpless man finally calls out her name and she realizes it is actually her estranged father.

Directed by Maza White (New Zealand)

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