The Last Story

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Abhinav Sharma a young story writer in New Delhi lives alone with his lavish life. His carrier is at his peak as a brainstormed Crime stories. His stories became fame for the magazine company AUTHOR. Meanwhile there is a serious and brutal crime rising up in the streets of New Delhi. A well-mannered and Perfectionist Killer roaming around and Killing people with a similar pattern. But Abhinav doesn’t care about anything. There are some other writers also who want to be at Abhinav’s place but it’s not there time, which results jealous and anger. Abhinav has everything in his life but his everything becomes the problem for him. He gets insulted in an event by a person who blames him to be that Serial killer and that is really shocking for Abhinav. Somehow Abhinav manages to come over with the trauma and makes the connection between himself and that killer and that gives him a shock Abhinav finds that someone is killing people in the way he used to write in his stories. So he planned to catch the killer he’s totally filled with fear and that’s it, in the same night Abhinav is killed in his house, and according to forensic doctors and CBI Officers Abhinav was the serial killer but the mystery still remains when the Next Murder held in the City.

Directed by Himanshu Kesharwani (India)

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