Let’s Talk Numbers

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Two businessmen, Tomothy and Fronkus, working for an ambiguous corporation that runs on seemingly random sequences of numbers, pull off a dangerous heist, stealing a massive stash of the company’s most valuable numbers to use them to start a new, revolutionary business. The CEO of the company, Brett, finds out, however, and sends Special Agent Chick Nugs and his team to track them down and put an end to their scheme.
The businessmen face the Agents in a shootout. Realizing that they would both not make it out alive, Tomothy stays back to fight the Agents, giving Fronkus time to escape with the precious numbers.
Tomothy is finally taken down by a final shot from Nugs himself.
However, although Tomothy is dead, his plan is still alive, as Fronkus escapes with the numbers, finalizing only the first step in their plan to get rich…

Directed by Austinn Harris (Australia)

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