Car Stealers

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Rayna, a girl with a supernatural ability to pick locks, helps Zeke, a charismatic misfit, break into a car. Afterwards, he asks her to join his gang: “The Car Stealers,” a group of ethical car thieves who steal back stolen cars. After Rayna steals a bike, Zeke introduces her to the Car Stealers and unveils their mission: when he was a kid, he was supposed to inherit his dad’s sick 2001 Lexus. Unfortunately, an evil repo man, Herbert Franklin, got it first. The Car Stealers steal back the Lexus. But the owner of the stolen bike is waiting at their headquarters with a gun. Bob the dog (a member of Car Stealers) has a heart attack and Rayna quits the gang.

Directed by Christopher Guerrero (USA)

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