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This fast-paced, 19 minutes short film follows the young husband and wife movie-making duo of the determined Scott and perpetually upbeat Eva (played by real-life husband and wife, Anthony and Arielle Fanelli) ) as they attempt to make their own independent short film starring and directed by only themselves and maybe their friend/cameraman Austin if he ever shows up.

“Juncture” shifts seamlessly back and forth between Scott and Eva “on set” discussing their insecurities and second-guessing every creative choice they’ve made, are making and will make… to then watching the film within the film, “The Debt.”

“Juncture” is a 3 ½ wall breaking, quick, ambitious, funny, self-aware, meta-film that shows the true challenges of creating an independent film, while simultaneously syncing up 2 different storylines of 4 different characters played by 2 different people. This “1-take” short film is one heck of a fun ride.

Directed by Anthony Fanelli (USA)


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