Second Souffle

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Gabriel is a young actor who lives a complicated time in his life. His girlfriend ends their relationship. He is in a situation of distress, a close friend, Mickaël, joins him in a bar to comfort him but he rehearsed his story. He is on edge and fails to fight with a client of the bar before his friend intervenes and brings him home. The next day, Gabriel tries to decompress while running and continues his casting day. A special day where nothing will happen as planned. He finds himself in a bar with an oppressive atmosphere, he is tense. Eve arrives at that moment, she’s a bubbly young woman who almost makes Gabriel forget her worries for a moment. They pass the audition together and come out accomplices. Gabriel returns to rest but his sister Léa, who is a woman of character, pays him a surprise visit that he does not really appreciate. Gabriel is rather distant from his family, he avoids problems. Leah reproaches him and puts his face to his behavior, she tries to “wake up” and make him aware. They have a discussion that Gabriel is trying to avoid. She ends up telling him that their father is sick. Gabriel is shocked but prefers to cut short. Lea goes sad and disappointed. His father keeps calling him all day long.

Directed by Levkaovitch Antony (France)

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