The Lolipop Gang

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This film is a dark comedy based on a group of Rhode Island has-beens that never were. However, the names have been changed to protect the ignorant. “The Lolipop Gang” is comprised of a group of amateur gangsters that want to make a quick buck. Nick the Genius Sargenti played by critically acclaimed actor Joe Nemchek portrays a person who is a combination of an opinionated Archie Bunker, a smart Ralph Kramden and a less violent Tony Soprano. In the film, he is a successful Rhode Island businessman who owns several properties. His best friend Tommy Windmill played by Joe Cockers guitarist Cliff Goodwin has struck a deal with selling illegal lollipops. However what they are doing is very legal and in fact, breaks no laws. They actually lose money in the endeavor. Part of the reason they lose money is because they have to pay extra for shipping and both Tommy and Nick are not very good at basic math. Many of these individuals that are part of their gang are having a midlife crisis and feel they need to prove themselves. Nick is involved with Kim F’ing Barnes played by Jeanne Basone from the Original GLOW series. Kim in the film was one of the best strippers in the state of Rhode Island until she snapped her pelvis in a horrible mud wrestling accident. Her best friend Shelly Nunchucks Vera played by ECW pro wrestling legend Angel Orsini has a brother Tiny Very played by World Record holder and award-winning director Christopher Annino. Tiny is Nicks right-hand man and just like the rest of the members of The Lolipop GANG believes in his BS. The film focuses on how a small town can be very small minded both in growth and in thought. It is a new modern-day emperor’s new clothes.

Directed by Christopher Annino (USA)

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