Ancladas (Anchored)

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Celeste is a 33-year-old Panamanian woman, a nautical engineer specialized in nautical machinery. Sharon Lopez is a current cadet of 27 years, specialized in deck and is a lover of ships, her work is one of the things he enjoys the most in life. Fabiola Gómez, 27, is also a deck cadet and loves her job, she is continuously training to be better in her profession.
These three women constantly dream of embarking. The three connected with the sea since they were little, the ships were always within their dreams. They studied for many years and have given everything to get to work on a boat, but with each embarkation or attempt of one they have learned that their professional choice comes with great difficulty: in the merchant marine industry in Panama, women are not welcome.

Directed by Diana Camila Pérez Del Valle (Colombia)

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