Semi-Finalists: September 2022

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21 by Wenting Leung (China)

A Short Film About Bickering by Joe Tadros Abdelsayed (USA)

Bad Beat by David Ambrose (USA)

Cats Vs. Geese: Cat Party Cat-tastrophe by Rachel Maria Santos (USA)

Chasing Times by Robert T. (Tom) Reed (USA)

Clusterluck by Cami Thomas (USA)

Gente Del Barrio by Jeremy Iván Goei-Videla (USA)

I’m The Man by Clarence Williams IV (USA)

If We Dream by Eugene Hawkins and Johnny Ortega (USA)

Imara by Hal Hollingworth (UK)

Marlow by Alvaro de la Cruz (USA)

Nena’s House of Blues by Tiffany Brown (USA)

Off the Same Page by Elijah Newman (USA)

Over Coffee by Mary Bigelow Benedict (USA)

Sabor A Mí by Sebastian Gonzalez (USA)

Snowflake by Carter Bowden (USA)

Sticky by Victor Pigasse (USA)

Straight From The Edge – The Waif Worm by Larry Fleece (USA)

The Audition by Matt Ryder (UK)

The Book of Job – An Animatic Rock Opera by Anthony Massaro (USA)

The Judgment by Sebastian Gonzalez (USA)

The World in a Beautiful Book by Jin-Hwan Lee (South Korea)

Them by Tom Lawson (USA)

Time Capsule by Matthew Cassani (USA)

Unforgotten: Ellis Island by Aaron Asis (USA)

Venetian by Joseph Lazenby (UK)

Waiting for C-Row by Aaron J. Stewart (USA)

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