Semi-Finalists: November 2023

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A Day in the Life of a Russian Mafia Boss by Artyom Novokshonov (Russia)

Almost Home by Robert Lin (USA)

And Then She Was One by Colin Tracy (USA)

Apocalypse Eve by Michael Ray Gregory (USA)

Bail! by Michael Donaldson (USA)

Bitter Brownies by James Carman (USA)

Cicadas by Alexandria Christina Collins and Jared Austin Culp (USA)

Danny Tucker: Kung Fu Master by Zachary Basket (USA)

Egged by Samantha Jimenez Garcia (USA)

Fear City by Nathaniel Pinheiro (USA)

Getting Hit On by Lilton Stewart III (USA)

Gift by Zhuojie Wang (China)

Golden Tee by Casey Bannon (USA)

Hairpin Turn by Roy Gentes (USA)

I Thought About Killing You by Giovanni Tirado (USA)

Ironing Board by Haley Jiang (China)

Jump Rope by Ma Guyuan (China)

KIVA – The Call of the Wisdom Keepers by Marijke Kodden and Jaap Verhoeven (Netherlands)

Maleth, Meaning Shelter by Martin Girardi (USA)

Mr. Noface by Franco Rodrigo Andrade (USA)

My Project Life by Samuel Sanches (USA)

Playing with Fire by Ian McDonald (USA)

Professor Blackteach by Clyla Destiny (USA)

Seance by Parker Fenady (USA)

Survive the Night by Chris Carthern (USA)

The Barman’s Daughter by Shawna Virago (USA)

The Battle Within by Jeremiah Bankole (USA)

The Coffee Shop by David Wenzel (USA)

The Tamale Recipe by Orlando Adrian (USA)

Through The Gate by Ben Sibulkin (Czechia)

Vanessa and Luis by Diana Karina Cabuto (USA)

What Goes Around by Nathan Calev (USA)

Whirl Bus by Kekang Zhang (China)

Why Dogs Howl by Sandi Johnson (USA)

Woke by Laura Calle (USA)

Words Unspoken by Sofia Sonera (USA)

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