Semi-Finalists: November 2022

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48.000 Names by Roel Swierenga (Netherlands)

A Little Glass of Rum by Carah Chafin (USA)

A Silent Call: Can Anyone Hear Me? by Ana A Prickett Braunstein (USA)

A Small Act of Courage by Dylan Brody (USA)

A View in Mind’s Eye by Varoujan Froundjian (USA)

All Right by Noah Collins (USA)

Amanda by Ty Cooper (USA)

Ascension by Griffin Roessler (USA)

Au Revoir, Mon Ami by Miguel Bayon Jacobson (USA)

Bee The Solution by Charlotte Quintanar (USA)

Big Foot In Love by Clint J Green (USA)

Bubamara by Lara St John (USA)

Cock N’ Bull 3 by Nathan Adloff (USA)

Das Volk Ist Ein Fressender Kadaver by Pascal Plantinga (Netherlands)

David by Matthew Forbes (Canada)

Davy Gets Stabbed by Alexander Vogt (USA)

Desserts by Art Hernandez and Anthony Castellones (USA)

Dream of a Sedentary Traveler by Hans Werner Wuest (Germany)

Ed: A Love Story by Abraham Lopez (USA)

Emerald, Clouds by Yu Ho (China)

Extinction by Diana Marie Russell (USA)

Fog Around August by Ryan Cairns (USA)

Fop Wash by Sylvea Suydam (USA)

Forgetting Chloe by Maiqi Zuo (USA)

Full Ride by Daniel Heechan Lim (USA)

Getit How You Live by Jarrell Snowden (USA)

Hello Goodbye by Harri Mardlin and Kate Strafford (UK)

Hole by Wonjin Lee (South Korea)

Immoral Justice by Carlos Ontiveros (USA)

In Truth’s Grasp by Nicholas Tell (USA)

Jim Cooke: Never Stand Still by Averi Coppa and Manuel Serrano (USA)

Joytown by Toben Seymour (USA)

Keeping It Real by McKinley Bundick (USA)

Love 4 Britland by Jaritza Lopez (USA)

Love Sing Embrace: Among The Mystic Baul Minstrels Of India by Vijali Hamilton (USA)

Lunar Crane by Maria Antonova (Germany)

MadMa!D by Yunyi Zhu (China)

Me, Myself and You by Alfred Morris Williams (USA)

Mike and Henry by Alfred Morris Williams (USA)

Mint Chocolate by Maiqi Zuo (USA)

My Traveller by Edoardo Aleandri (Italy)

Mystery Hole by Matt Bissett-Johnson (Australia)

Not Our Day Jobs by Vanessa Schanen (USA)

Olivia’s Journey: Believing to Dream by Sophia Louisa Lee (USA)

Operation: Ice by Jorden James Rees Eyermann (USA)

Parts by Isaac Park (USA)

Peace in Patience by Timi Oyelude (USA)

Red Hook by Max Millstein (USA)

Scared To Death by Flame Brewer (UK)

Seeing Things Differently by Jim Norman (USA)

Shirley by Michael Bitanga (USA)

Shiva by Rex Dane (USA)

Sorry for the Wait by Zachary Wynecoop and Jurel Kirkland (USA)

SpeakUp Part III – Oh Man!! by L.E.A.H (Canada)

Stages by Claire Haines (USA)

The Betrayal by Abraham Lopez (USA)

The Book of Half-Opened Lotuses by François Juszezak and Annie Korach (France)

The Invisible Feast by Mila Johansen (USA)

The Lola LaRue Variety Show by Camille Sharon (USA)

The Making of a City Staple by Edel Y. Garcia Almodovar (USA)

The Misadventures of Clark Westbranch and the Sunhat Kids by Campbell Ragins (USA)

The Oak by Tiffany LeAnn Tillema (USA)

The Real Group Makeover by Carl Eneroth (Sweden)

The Switchaboo’s by Art Benavides (USA)

Toys by Neha Srivastava (India)

Unknown by Riel Barretto-Duval (Canada)

Vendetta On Her Birthday by Aristote John Boyo and Lee Admassie (UK)

We The People? by Simon Zhao (USA)

Well Past Midnight by Lucas Teichman Dudley (USA)

Willie’s Tree by William Watson (USA)

Winnsboro Center For the Arts – Twenty Years in the Making by Tiffany LeAnn Tillema and Kathleen Fairchild (USA)

Wish U Were Here by Luis Villanueva (USA)




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