Semi-Finalists: April 2021

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#wedocare by Sechaba Morojele (South Africa)

3 Conversations in April by Susan Hamovitch (USA)

A Different Kind of Caramel by Daniel Flores (USA)

A Farm, A Feast, and A Fate by Patrick Purcell (USA)

A Great Depression by P. Edward Claypoole (USA)

A Hero’s Journey by Jacob Salinas (USA)

A Nanny’s World by Ozz Borges (USA)

Abductee by Jake Limone (USA)

And So, It Goes by Elijah Winfield (USA)

Bite the Bullet by Ursula Canovas and Fernando Guillen (USA)

Blind Trust by Mann Robinson (USA)

By Any Means by Domenic Toliver (USA)

Carry Us, Luminous Traveler by Stephen Cowdrey (USA)

Cioppi’s Letter by Pierre Guy (France)

Coathanger by Russell E Hopkins (USA)

Coronapocalypse by Safir Monroe (USA)

Dear Lily, Love Patrick by Jennifer Bartels (USA)

Endless Possibilities: Jack Waters & Peter Cramer by MM Serra (USA)

Family Planning by Quinn Hatch (USA)

Ghost by Erik Sedwick (USA)

Happy Prank Day by Kurk Kasparian (USA)

Harry by David Musuraca and Matthew Arnold (USA)

Haunted by Nia Williams (UK)

High Risk by Jacob Piller (USA)

Hungry Man by Titus Alonso (USA)

I Am Not Seen by Aurore Dal Mas (Belgium)

I Just Wanted to See You by Michael Williams (Japan)

In Plane English by Brian Plonka (USA)

Into the Light by Saulo Guilherme Senra (Brazil)

Invisible Scars by Perdell Richardson (USA)

Last Wish by Chowdhury Asif Jahangir Arko (Bangladesh)

Little Big Shot by Henry Segal (USA)

Lost & Disintegrated by Randal T. Richardson (USA)

Love by Juliana Philippi (USA)

Magda by Dimitris Galatas and Fragkiskos Arapai (Greece)

Melania’s Divorce by Maxwell Bahamon (USA)

Memoirs at a Skatepark by Devin Rojas (USA)

Merry Christmas 2020 by Florian Moritz (Switzerland)

Nightmare Year by Joseph Larkin (USA)

No Friend of Mine by James McGhee and Seth Prue (USA)

Oval – Improg by Sveta Rybkina (Germany)

Picky Peter and the Extraterrestrials by Casey Wayne-Wright (USA)

Reminisce by Shay LaPierre (USA)

Rip Rexler – A Cowboy in Search of Water by Nath Milburn (USA)

Saber by Austen Sprake (USA)

San Antonia by Deon Saunders (Colombia)

She’s Perfect by Sheldon Maddux (USA)

Silver Flask by C.S. Hughes (USA)

Smile by Makoto Sorashita (Japan)

Snowbird: A Soulful Powder Dance by Kyle B Wagstaff (USA)

Spiral by Asligul Armagan (USA)

Stitchin Heaven by Paul Brenno (USA)

Story by Anthony Carey (Ireland)

Sunflower by Hye Young Ra (USA)

The Adventures of Father Bear and his Midlife Crisis by Matt Bolin (Australia)

The Blue Project by Sean Chell (USA)

The Bystander by Chase Pottinger and Neeti Kejriwal (India)

The Eyes On Me by Zane Van Cleave and Devin Van Cleave (USA)

The Obsession by Marialaura Familiari (Italy)

The Ritual by David Har’el and Diana Cabuto (USA)

The Scared Knight by Max Ostroff (USA)

The Sum of Several Sticky Situations involving Salami Sticks by Oli Stening (Australia)

The Tea Party by Milo Valentino Evashchen (USA)

Turbulence by Nath Milburn (USA)

Under The Same Sky by Alison Chace (USA)

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