Performance Nominations: April 2021

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Best Director (Female)

Jamielyn Lippman for Hollywood Trick (USA)

Paulina Lagudi Ulrich for Dress (USA)

Renee Garcia for Immigrant Mother (USA)

Best Director (Male)

Daniel Dasent and Adam Campbell for Falling Up and Up (USA)

Manuel Olaya for Arizona 1878 (Spain)

Richard Serrao for Expedition Ayiti (USA)

Best Student Director (Female)

Jiahui Su for Audition (USA)

Melissa Chilson for No Pickles (USA)

Nicole Waszak Mendez for The Dress (USA)

Best Student Director (Male)

Chase Pearson for The Jungle of Accounting (USA)

Luke Alexander Harris for The Memory Palace (USA)

Surui Guo for Ring (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female)

Ella Marks and Yael Roth for Miss (UK)

Kadi Wald for Terminal (Finland)

LIM for How Was It For You? (USA)

Susanna Dodds for Spoiled Milk (Australia)

Tong Mao for Shimmer Summer (China)

Best First Time Director (Male)

Bendik D. Antonsen for While the Gull Sleeps (Norway)

Benjamin Attwell for The Low Life (USA)

Calvin Yearsley for Plain Jane (Belgium)

Keith Stoute for Living With the Dead (Canada)

Will Masheter for 4 Queens (UK)

Best Young Filmmaker (Female)


Best Young Filmmaker (Male)

Abe Alford for Wolves (USA)

Harlow Schuman for Reflections (USA)

Ryan Seun Woo Kwon for Lasting Impact (South Korea)

Samuel J Punto for Distortion (Verzerrung) (Germany)

Winston Verdult for Desired Reality (USA)

Best Actress

Adriana Kostetska for Immigrant Mother (USA)

Amy Gordon for Big Time (USA)

Erin Yearsley for Plain Jane (Belgium)

Tara Erickson for Prime of Your Life (USA)

Tess Sullivan for Dress (USA)

Best Actor

Daniel Dasent for Falling Up and Up (USA)

Germano Blanco for First Time (Brazil)

Mark St. James for Six Seconds (USA)

Rich Henkel for Innocent Chat (USA)

Spencer Valenzuela for Spanky (USA)

Best Supporting Actress


Best Supporting Actor


Best Child/Young Actress


Best Child/Young Actor


Best Acting Duo

Bebe Sanders and Gemma Barnett for Miss (UK)

Bethany Slater and Josh Harper for Terminus (UK)

Frank Mosley and Bella Samman for Ilsa (USA)

Michael Joseph Pierce and Eddie Vincent for Memento (USA)

Sierra Puett and Ella Lentini for Conditionally (USA)

Best Acting Ensemble

Drita Kabashi, JB Smith, David Maverick, LIM for How Was It For You? (USA)

Erin Altmeyer, Drew Willers, Connor Gandalfo, and Alexander Farrow for The Low Life (USA)

Timothy J. Cox, Colleen Sproull, Ray Bergen, Kathy McCort, Kate McGarrigle, Erin Patrick Miller, Joan Shangold, Coco Conroy, Greer Barnes, and Mike Drew for The Jungle of Accounting (USA)



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