Production Nominations: April 2020

Indie Short Fest

Best Producer

Charles Pinck for Operation Overlord: OSS and the Battle for France (USA)

Jeff Willy and Marissa Pistone for Intergalactic Chronicles (USA)

Jeff Willy, Teresa Hunt, and Angela Duncan for Reveal (USA)

Matthew Guthrie for Ruth (USA)

Patrick Coleman, Mandy June Turpin, and Leslie Jensen for Bumpy Rhodes (USA)

Scott Leiendecker, Franki Cambeletta, and Jeremy D. King for Cringe (USA)

Siyue Wu and Ruitong Wu for Sixth Grade (China)

Tim Frazier, Jackson Rathbone, and Davey Johnson for Scars (USA)


Best Production Design

Alicia Estelle Simon for How Toilet Sensors Actually Work (USA)

Beboon Bahk for Olfaction (South Korea)

Bruce Buehner for Gold (USA)

Doris Villarrubia for On a Journey (Puerto Rico)

Isi G. San Martín for Planet Earth Calling Ana (Spain)

Mikael Drobny for Viridian (USA)

Sarah Joy Stoker for Once We Were Trees (Canada)

Vanessa Plaza Lazo for A Strange Calm (USA)


Best Original Screenplay

Bryan Bagby for Scars (USA)

Jason Klefisch for Cringe (USA)

Natacha De Pontcharra for Bora Bora (France)

Nick Chartrand for Brut (USA)

Pieter De Cnudde and Diederik Haegeman for L’Escale (Belgium)

Randy Nguyen for How Toilet Sensors Actually Work (USA)

Richard Brooks for Anticipation (USA)

Shannon Jarrell-Ivey for Ruth (USA)


Best Adapted Screenplay



Best Cinematography

Brian Niles for We Don’t Talk (USA)

Daniel Ardilley for Kapara (Australia)

Jacopo Ardolino for To Her (Italy)

Matthew Graves for All That You Love Will Be Carried Away (USA)

Matthew Guthrie for Ruth (USA)

Rafael Reparaz and Iñigo Hualde for Planet Earth Calling Ana (Spain)

Vrushab Sansgiri for Fog (India)

Yiji Chen for Daily Dose (Brazil)


Best Editing

Allen Childress for Hit the Road, Jacks (USA)

Claudio Santos for Already Seen (Brazil)

Jayesh Jaidka for HighBread: C’est La Weed (USA)

Jeremy Ward for Ruth (USA)

Justin Li for Formulation (USA)

Alejandra Hou and Sary Pacio for Inside the Notebook (USA)

Walker Lambert for Operation Overlord: OSS and the Battle for France (USA)

Yan Liu for Mischief (China)


Best Sound Design

Brian Sloss for Nacre (USA)

Jeff Willy and Kenneth Castillo for Intergalactic Chronicles (USA)

Latif Rabhi for I Was Born (Misfit) (Australia)

Ley Comas for Fuck Nice Guys (USA)

Nick Chartrand and Rob Marshall for Brut (USA)

Will Lee for Feed (USA)

Simon Lister for Kapara (Australia)

William Blackwell Kinney for A Light In The Dark (USA)


Best Sound Editing

Matthew Schaff for Fantasy Pony (USA)

Tyler Casey for Gambit (USA)

Brian Battersby for War Peace (USA)


Best Sound Mixing

Jamie Gamache for Black Heart, Red Hands (Australia)

Kody Newton for The Boy I Left Behind (USA)

Paul Steffler for Once We Were Trees (Canada)


Best Special FX



Best Visual FX

Brendan Forde and Bobby Cary for Sami (USA)

Ethan Chancer for Amara (USA)

Youra – Net (Ukraine)


Best Costume Design

Doris Villarrubia for On a Journey (Puerto Rico)

Jeff Willy, Marissa Pistone, and Melissa Vitello for Intergalactic Chronicles (USA)

Karen Crispsin for Viridian (USA)

Leslie Gilbertson for Highland Home (USA)

Lorelle Mansfield for Waiting For Legros 2: The Eye Of The Tiger (USA)

Rachel Brown for Ruth (USA)

Troublemaker (USA)

We Don’t Talk (USA)


Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Kellen Eason and Sarah Adams for Highland Home (USA)

Lance Lucero for Waiting For Legros 2: The Eye Of The Tiger (USA)

We Don’t Talk (USA)


Best Special Makeup



Best Original Score

Aimee Hoffman for Micky (USA)

Rolando Gori for Ruth (USA)

Miriam Mayer for A Dress for Rachel (USA)

Filippo Stefanelli for Magenta (Italy)

Veronika Waga and Sigrid Abrahamsson for Desolation Throe (Sweden)

Juan Antonio Simarro and Fernando Bonelli for Planet Earth Calling Ana (Spain)

Michael Boga for Pastel (Switzerland)

Matthew Pusti for A Strange Calm (USA)


Best Original Song

Bouta Shine by Slicc Lee (USA)

Gambling My Pride Away by Bella Kollar (USA)

Highland Home, written by Kurt Rosenberg and performed by Karen Johnson-Miller (USA)

Is That You? by Debra M. Gussin and Rik Howard (USA)

Lineage Tribe by Nicole Picard (USA)

She’s the Anchor by Monica Riskey (USA)

The Grove by Alexander Carr-Engler (USA)

This Will Be The Place by Jodie Fox (UK)




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