Performance Nominations: May 2019

Indie Short Fest

Best Director (Female)

Allisyn Arm for Nasty Habits (USA)

Amanda Sabater for Game Over (USA)

Dana-Lee Mierowsky Bennett for Sammy (Australia)

Gitanjali Kapila for Breathing Above the Treeline (USA)

Joanna Nelson for Flour (Venezuela)


Best Director (Male)

Bastiaan Rook for On Air (Netherlands)

Benjamin Capps for Civet (USA)

Stuart Fryer for Bad Dreams (UK)

Tim Earnheart for Ricochet (USA)

Zilong Wang for Lost and Found (USA)


Best First Time Director (Female)

Ayanda Chisholm for Appetizer (USA)

Emily Tomasi for Hypertrophy (USA)

Kenna Wright for Palms (USA)

Liat Akta for The Mouse (Israel)

Marcela Cantú Serrano for Ribbons (USA)

Sahil Kaur for A Calling (USA)


Best First Time Director (Male)

Beau Golden, Casey Golden and Adam Barnard for The Tellurian Saga (Australia)

C.J. Guerrero for Damaged (USA)

Grzegorz Porzeziński for Champion (Poland)

J.D. Funari for Exposure (USA)

Joncart Jonathan for The Job Interview (France)

Kanan Capshaw for Headphones (USA)


Best Student Director (Female)

Alexa Campbell for Dalia (USA)

Alexia Garcia del Rio for A Land Where Children Play (USA)

Genevieve Thomas for Over Easy (USA)

Natasza Parzymies for Dreamland (Poland)

Qing Zhao for Her Spark (China)


Best Student Director (Male)

Aaron Brewer for Clouds (USA)

Ding Yi for An Extraordinary Journey (China)

John Rizkallah for Mallory, Los Angeles (USA)

Tyler Szuch for Private Barry (USA)

Wai Lam Cheung for Jane (USA)


Best Young Filmmaker (Female)

Anabella Mortenson for Anywhere Else (USA)

Maggie Budzyna for One Day Till Tomorrow (USA)

Zihan Qu and Shenshen Tan for The Story of Your Life (China)


Best Young Filmmaker (Male)

Christian Rudd and Jack Connell for Powerless (Australia)

Elias Gandy for The Bunker (USA)

Mateen Missaghi for Chicago Undercover (Canada)


Best Actress

Dasha Leidy for Platonic (USA)

Helena Prat for Coda Sacra (Spain)

Isabelle Gronlund for Following Kanika (USA)

Melissa Harkness for Dial M for Morons (USA)

Noelle Toland for Who Will Stop Me (USA)

Renahy Aulani for Exposure (USA)

Candice Callins for The Carting Call (USA)


Best Actor

Brandon Koen for Don’t Be Weird (USA)

Carey Feehan for A Good Story (Canada)

Ignacyo Matynia for Private Barry (USA)

Ray Corasani for Kasra (USA)

William Knight for A Land Where Children Play (USA)

Yuval Segal for The Mouse (Israel)


Best Supporting Actress

Amita Sharma for Under Cover Comic (USA)

Ericka Andia for Our Price (Bolivia)

Lia Chapman for Jenni (USA)


Best Supporting Actor

Canaan John for Last Tonight (USA)

Mardell Elmer for The Harbinger: Incorporeal, the Movie (USA)

Pedro Grossman for Our Price (Bolivia)


Best Child/Young Actress

Briana Tedesco for Dalia (USA)

Coco Jack Gilies for Sammy (Australia)

Jophielle Love for Rose (USA)

Maye Harris for Ribbons (USA)

Sasha Neuhaus for A Good Story (Canada)


Best Child/Young Actor

Christopher Verneen for Bully Change (USA)

Kaleb Roberts for Broken Souls (USA)

Miles Hayden for Creak and Shriek (USA)

Robert Ebner-Statt for Cape Of A Hero (UK)

Vaibhav Santosh Madge for White Rope (India)


Best Acting Duo

Chris Korkalo and Chris Korkalo for Clouds (USA)

Gloria Mann and Robert Mann for The Cassie Confession (USA)

Jai Santiago and Kelley Lockman for The Mask I Wear (USA)

Jeff McKinney and Roy Goldfinger for Riding with the Rabbi (USA)

Nathan Wright and Adam Stones for The Ties That Bind (UK)

Roberta Alaman and Benjamin Reingold for The Drive (USA)

Sadie Kuwano and Liam Gallogly for The Last Drag (USA)

Serena Laurel and Josh Phillips for Nasty Habits (USA)


Best Acting Ensemble

Kasra (USA)

Guilty Bunch of Flowers (UK)

A Good Story (Canada)

Private Barry (USA)

Benjamin (USA)

A Night at the Table (USA)





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