Performance Nominations: February 2019

ISFPerformanceNominationsBest Director (Female)

Hasty Mohammai for The Pain (Iran)

Jessie Kirby for For Summer (UK)

Kim Fabienne Hertinger for Sea at Night (Germany)


Best Director (Male)

Allan J. Arcal for Without You (Spain)

Ronn Kilby for Skin: The Movie (USA)

Tawan Bazemore for Sound (USA)


Best First Time Director (Female)

GG Hawkins for An Aspirational Space (USA)

Pryka Almeida for 2017 (Brazil)

Rose Massett for Refugee Is Not My Name (USA)


Best First Time Director (Male)

Joe Bartone for The Derailers (USA)

Tommaso Bertoncelli for Little Boy Lost/Little Boy Found (Italy)

Vincenzo Palazzo for Mr Franco (Italy)


Best Student Director (Female)

Alicia MacGibbon for Ride Away (Canada)

Charlotte Guerry for Boob Sweat (USA)

Faranak Sahafian for The Dark Room (USA)


Best Student Director (Male)

Gowtham Namasivayam for Nightingale (USA)

Justin Portaro for Kid, the Moon (USA)

Tristan Alan for Tribute (USA)


Best Actress

Crystal Porter Bazemore for Sound (USA)

Marina Vianna for After The Conversation, They Say Goodbye With An Embrace (Brazil)

Michelle Way for Skin: The Movie (USA)


Best Actor

Danny Steele for The Last Day (UK)

Gaetano Mosca for Mr Franco (Italy)

Levkaovitch Antony for Second Souffle (France)


Best Supporting Actress

Chantelly Johnson for Miss Represent (USA)

Diane Sargent for Skin: The Movie (USA)

Lauren Cornelius for A Date With Shillelagh (UK)


Best Supporting Actor

Eric Lang for The Wish & The Wisp (USA)

Karl Backus for Skin: The Movie (USA)

Wesley Newman for Last Day (USA)


Best Child/Young Actress

Reese Hoggard for The Wish & The Wisp (USA)

Sophie Tobias for Tribute (USA)

Xochitl Gomez-Deines for Boob Sweat (USA)


Best Child/Young Actor

Justin Shondeck for Assassin Camp (USA)

Kai Nichols for Kid, the Moon (USA)

Lorelei Essman Freeman for Pretty Odd (USA)


Best Acting Duo

April Kelley and Aaron Cowming for For Summer (UK)

Mason Heidger and Callie Bussell for Ever After (USA)

Nacho Guerreros and Raquel Infante for Without You (Spain)


Best Acting Ensemble

Peter Kotthaus, David Steffen, Laura Bettinger and Monika Schiefer for Sea at Night (Germany)

Skin: The Movie (USA)

Xochitl Gomez-Deines, Abigayle Lenzinger, Helena Mulholland, Charlie Parker, Julius Lambrecht and Samuel Parker for Boob Sweat (USA)