Performance Nominations: December 2019

Indie Short Fest

Best Director (Female)

Bianca Poletti for How’s the World Treating You? (USA)

Hai Rihan for Kneeling Sheep (USA)

Paphawee JInnasith for Happy Birthday, Great-Grandma (Thailand)

Tash Ann for The Girl in the Trench Coat (USA)

Tracy Kleeman for Ring of Fire (USA)


Best Director (Male)

André Stringer for The Attaché (USA)

Andrew Chen for Ghost in the Gun (USA)

Benoit Perrin for Boozy Mickey (USA)

Chris Roe for Cemetery Tales: A Tale of Two Sisters (USA)

N. Padmakumar for Train Crash (India)


Best Student Director (Female)

Alyssa Angeles for Sam (USA)

Lamu Yangchu for Theo: Beyond Expression (USA)

Luo Meilin for Lost (China)

Rosa Victoria Ritzau-Møllehave for Lola’s Letters (France)

Xiwen Miao for Scars (USA)


Best Student Director (Male)

Cansın Erülkebaş for What Is Happening To Me. (Turkey)

George Leontakianakos for Silent Ties (Greece)

Matt Fitzwater for The Director of ‘Airport Werewolf’ (USA)

Michael Karagiannakis for Visiting Hours (Australia)

Morgan Bowles for Roses (Canada)


Best First Time Director (Female)

Anna Naumi for Vicky’s Not Here (USA)

Connie Jean for GPS (Spain)

Dana Cowden for Ella and the Sun (USA)

Marnie Baxter and Nicola Stuart-Hill for Bad Mother (UK)

Yawen Hu for A Door (USA)


Best First Time Director (Male)

Amish Srivastava for Biscut (USA)

Andre Dixon for The Haunting Of Pottersfield (USA)

Brian Robert Oliver for Mama’s Boy (USA)

Julien Dolivo for Karma (USA)

Wojciech Zielinski for One Night Stand (Canada)


Best Young Filmmaker (Female)

Carter Beardmore for Disserviced: Stories of Deported Veterans (USA)

Jessica Evans for Goodnight (Australia)

Yue Yu for Kami (China)


Best Young Filmmaker (Male)

Brady Hall for Space Jump (USA)

Chase Bolnick for The Jingle (USA)

Ryan Breeding for Moments in Time (USA)


Best Actress

Cinthia Moncada for Wall (Honduras)

Dre Slaman for To No End (USA)

Hong Mei for Kneeling Sheep (USA)

Katherine Banos for Ring of Fire (USA)

Traci Lords for Cemetery Tales: A Tale of Two Sisters (USA)


Best Actor

Amarjeet Singh for Biscut (USA)

Jaswant Singh Dalal for Train Crash (India)

Matthew Sauvé for One Night Stand (Canada)

Travis Mitchell for Theo: Beyond Expression (USA)

Xavier Santiago for Harvey Wallbanger (USA)


Best Supporting Actress

Allison Jean White for Vicky’s Not Here (USA)

Jane Mowder for Flopsee and Buttercup (USA)

Sarah Brink for Ganzfeld (USA)


Best Supporting Actor

Chuck McMahon for Uncle Gareth (USA)

Jack Sochet for Vicky’s Not Here (USA)

Richard Gough for Unclaimed Remains: Forgotten (USA)


Best Child/Young Actress

Agapi Bakopoulou for Uncle Gareth (USA)

Coppelia Guidry for Ella and the Sun (USA)

Liyah Hinds for Michael, Emmadri, and the Mermaid (USA)


Best Child/Young Actor

Chase Bolnick for The Jingle (USA)

Drake Bennett for MidKnight Adventure (USA)

Slate Holtsclaw for Fix Me (South Korea)


Best Acting Duo

Callum Woodhouse and Alice Bailey Johnson for Damaged But Interesting (UK)

Connor Trinneer and Robert Picardo for Ben, Frankly. (Germany)

Divya Dutta and Jaswant Singh Dalal for Train Crash (India)

Katherine Banos and Ianna Vasale for Ring of Fire (USA)

Latasha Burleson and Robert Norwood for Emma (USA)


Best Acting Ensemble

Azura Skye, Lisa Miranda, Heather Kafka, and Justin Arnold for Untitled Marfa Project (USA)

Coppelia Guidry, Shawna Craig, Yankie Grant, Melody Moss, and Dana Walsh for Ella and the Sun (USA)

Maite Gil, Fanny Marsà, Francesca McGill, Mercè Montllonch, Jarah Maria Anders, and Claire Talley for GPS (Spain)

Tim Russ, Darren Bridgett, Ross Turner, Haley Camille, Christopher Weddle, Jayme Catalano, Logan Wildey, Bruce Duncan, Tony Jonick, and Gregory Young for Ghost in the Gun (USA)

Traci Lords, Bruce Davison, Michael Broderick, Ros Gentle, and Monte Markham for Cemetery Tales: A Tale of Two Sisters (USA)




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