Performance Nominations: August 2019

Indie Short FestBest Director (Female)

Andrea Riba for Generation Z (USA)

Catherine Dyer for PhotoBomb (USA)

Elizabeth Theis for Killing Time with Lizzie Boredom (USA)

Pamela Perrine for The Journeyman (USA)

Sila Unlu for Misericordia (Turkey)


Best Director (Male)

Fudo for The Escort (USA)

Sam Litovchin for The Passenger (USA)

Scott D Clark and Frank Souter for The Sky Is Falling (Australia)

Sreehari Purimetla for Alia (India)

Ulf Larsen for Casanova (Belgium)


Best Student Director (Female)

Amalie Gassmann for Pink Boy (USA)

Elaine Wong for Where Dreams Rest (USA)

Mary Musolino for Old Habits (Australia)

Nimra Khan for Sheela (USA)

Yiting Gao for Muzi (China)


Best Student Director (Male)

Ben Rand for The Lost Ones (USA)

Davin Singh for Lunchbox (Australia)

Jimmy J. Carter for Don’t Tell Father (USA)

João Dall’Stella for Stalls (USA)

Matthew Emery for Pâté (USA)


Best First Time Director (Female)

Andi Morrow for Pusher (USA)

Liang Zhao for Rolling (China)

Maria Perlifonova for Painted Survival (USA)

Rebecca King for Contenders (UK)

Tara Lynn Rye for Wonderwood (USA)


Best First Time Director (Male)

Brock Cravy for Innocent Boy (USA)

Fudo for The Escort (USA)

Jacob Combs for Without (USA)

Jake Torchin for Small Ball (USA)

Stéphane Deluermoz for Alyzée, Elsewhere, Otherwise (France)


Best Young Filmmaker (Female)

Grace Conley for Not Too Sweet (USA)

Jinmeng Li for Mobius Dream (China)

Julia Dent for Smile (USA)

Pramika Kadari for Healing (USA)

Sofia Bajwa for Unveiled (USA)


Best Young Filmmaker (Male)

Adrien Dupagne for Distant Valley (UK)

Gordy De St. Jeor for Night Shift (USA)

Jackson O’Neill for Small Talk (UK)

Morgan O’Connell for The Other Side of the Wall (UK)

Siwoo Kim for Nothing; Everything. (Singapore)


Best Actress

Kelsie McDonald for The Sky Is Falling (Australia)

Madison Thornton for Caged Girl (USA)

Michelle Sun for Where Dreams Rest (USA)

Paige Klone for Bad Assistant (USA)

Tara Lynn Rye for Wonderwood (USA)


Best Actor

Gian Paolo Mai for Dead Man Wait (Italy)

Neil Linpow for Time (UK)

Nicholas Feitel for Unleashed (USA)

Nolan Pugh for Whatever We Want (USA)

Timothy Huls for Weatherman (USA)


Best Supporting Actress

Baily Hopkins for Weatherman (USA)

Morgan Hope for Virulent (USA)

Mykayla Booth for Whatever We Want (USA)


Best Supporting Actor

Jared Trevino for Caged Girl (USA)

Jeremy Johnstone for The Sky Is Falling (USA)

Zhan Wang for Where Dreams Rest (USA)


Best Child/Young Actress

Eda Edwards for Malign (USA)

Emily Hopper for Parents Inc. (USA)

Nina-Marie Petitpas for Neutropia (USA)


Best Child/Young Actor

Caden Andrews for The Ropes (USA)

Casey McKenzie for Be-Longing (UK)

Timothy Foley for Pink Boy (USA)


Best Acting Duo

Chandra Michaels and Toni Ellwand for Nail Bait (Canada)

Clayton Bury and Jessica Ambuehl for Safe and Happy (USA)

Daphné Huynh and Antojo Otero for Casanova (Belgium)

Jason Schwartzman and Paige Klone for Bad Assistant (USA)

Philippe Gray and Candice Mechaly for Kasumi (Switzerland)


Best Acting Ensemble

Intolerant (USA)

PhotoBomb (USA)

The Escort (USA)

The Journeyman (USA)

Virulent (USA)




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