Performance Nominations: April 2020

Indie Short Fest

Best Director (Female)

Andrea Carolina for On a Journey (Puerto Rico)

Danda Russo and Luciana Battistini for The Scarf (USA)

Jenny Kleiman for Sofa Queen (USA)

Jing Guo for All About Frank Avenue (USA)

Kendall Payne for Fuck Nice Guys (USA)

Neha Dwivedi for Sara Asman (India)

Samantha Casella for To A God Unknown (Italy)

Shannon Jarrell-Ivey for Ruth (USA)


Best Director (Male)

Fernando Bonelli for Planet Earth Calling Ana (Spain)

Jacopo Ardolino for To Her (Italy)

Leo Ramsey for Cringe (USA)

Luca Pizzoleo for Gold (USA)

Luis Blackaller for Bernie (USA)

Nick Chartrand for Brut (USA)

Ribhu Ghosh for Fog (India)

Thad Lee for All That You Love Will Be Carried Away (USA)


Best Student Director (Female)

Farida Gamal for Happiness Without Colors (Egypt)

Lilena Marinou for Oh Yeah (USA)

Maggie Sullivan for The Call (USA)

Maria Paula Arboleda for Tacet (USA)

Paige Irene Bruns for Anchor (USA)

Roxy Sorkin for We Don’t Talk (USA)

Yuxue Li for Unreachable (Canada)

Yuzhuo Wang for Sixth Grade (China)


Best Student Director (Male)

Austin Rourke for A Strange Calm (USA)

Christian Ghosn for Violent Nights (USA)

Evan Siegal for Ivver (USA)

Francisco Pereira Coutinho for A Greenhouse (USA)

HuHaoNan for Trip To The West (China)

Jayesh Jaidka for HighBread: C’est La Weed (USA)

Telly Bitsakakis for Time Sheds No Tears (Canada)

Zehua Yang for Hunting and Gathering (USA)


Best First Time Director (Female)

Aimee Hoffman for Micky (USA)

Emily S. James for BoyMom (USA)

Ericka de Alexander for The First Color (USA)

Jenny Wan for Lonely Encounter (Hong Kong)

Kimberley Wintle for Mabel (USA)

Lidiya Korotko for Bombs Bursting in Air (USA)

Valerie Finkel for Waking Life (USA)

Yuzhuo Wang for Sixth Grade (China)


Best First Time Director (Male)

Andrew Heitzman for Bai Bai (USA)

Gregory Alexander Roybal for Fade (USA)

Jiten Mehta for Eddyct (Australia)

Jonny Zeller for Scars (USA)

Michael Guillod for Pastel (Switzerland)

Mohamad Razazian for Horse (Iran)

Pieter De Cnudde for L’Escale (Belgium)

Russell Southam for Black Heart, Red Hands (Australia)


Best Young Filmmaker (Female)



Best Young Filmmaker (Male)

Emmanuel Li for Have You Seen Buster? (UK)

Nick Milczarczyk for A Bootless Grief (Canada)

Pedro Cuesy Celma for Colors (Mexico)


Best Actress

Danielle Roosa for APPyness (USA)

Kimberley Wintle for Mabel (USA)

Laia Manzanares for Planet Earth Calling Ana (Spain)

Mikhala Hoffman for Micky (USA)

Nathalie Sabato for Pastel (Switzerland)

Shannon Nelson for Ruth (USA)

Suanne Spoke for When You Get Home (USA)

Xochitl Romero for Bernie (USA)


Best Actor

Ford Fanter for Cringe (USA)

Glenn Davis for 288 (USA)

Jeff Willy for Reveal (USA)

Johnny Olmez for Letters From My Father (USA)

Michael Carr for The Cataclysm (USA)

Mike Kennedy for Ravage (USA)

Raz Fritz for Gold (USA)

Rhes Low for All That You Love Will Be Carried Away (USA)


Best Supporting Actress



Best Supporting Actor

Adam Stephenson for Troublemaker (USA)

Allen Williamson for Anticipation (USA)

Chung-Jui Chang for Bai Bai (USA)

Johnny McPhail for All That You Love Will Be Carried Away (USA)

Lucio Nieto for Gold (USA)

Nick Kelly for Cringe (USA)

Vipul Malhotra for Fog (India)

Yann Philipona for Pastel (Switzerland)


Best Child/Young Actress

Dana Koops for Driver’s Ed (USA)

Dana Koops for Waking Life (USA)

Ryan Urquidi for Krystal & Rae (USA)

Giovanna Bush for A Strange Calm (USA)

Manelly Zepada for Without You (USA)

Megan Brown for Falling in Love (USA)

Ronni Hinch for The Youth (USA)

Sage Henson for Nacre (USA)


Best Child/Young Actor

Aias Dalman for Das Kleid (The Dress) (Canada)

Atticus McDonald for Reflective Blue (China)

Landon Thompson for Nacre (USA)


Best Acting Duo

Adam Stephenson and Zaydee Sanchez for Troublemaker (USA)

Brooke Becker and Lauren Buckley for The Chair That Killed Faye (USA)

Drew Thomason and Devan Malone for Try Again (USA)

Jeff Willy and Alexa Etchart for Full Disclosure (USA)

Shane Doonan and Eoghan Moloney for Mug (Ireland)

Sibel Damar and Sofia Dobrushin for Fuck Nice Guys (USA)

Tsang Man Wei and Daniel Yau-Hin Lam for Lonely Encounter (Hong Kong)

Virgo Martinez and Krissy Lemon for Tacet (USA)


Best Acting Ensemble

Annette Hammond, Nathaniel Ansbach, Annie McCarthy, and Silvia Dionicio for Tableaux (USA)

Becka Adams, Lys Perez, Halston Autumn McMurray, and Cameron Quinn for The First Color (USA)

Casey Boukus, Cynthia Csabay, Christy Kickham, Lisa Lazarus, Bill Mogenson, and Pete Sendelbach for T.I.O.L.I. Revolt: We’re Not Going To Take It (Or Leave It) (USA)

Jeff Willy, Sean Leon, Melissa Blackwood, Heidi Palomino, Alexander Tassopoulos, Kirstin Feinfield, Susan G Carter, and Bruce L. Hart for Reveal (USA)

Jonas Geirnaert, Zouzou Ben Chikha, Elke Shari Van Den Broeck, and Lino Van Reeth for L’Escale (Belgium)

Michael Steger, Justin Alston, Brandee Steger, Carolita Bylthe, Paige Jensen, Vanessa Marshall, Sarah Winchester, and Danda Russo for Bumpy Rhodes (USA)

Molly Ryman, Peter Christian Hansen, and Antonette Trussoni for Loft202 (USA)

Shannon Nelson, Daniel Saunders, and Stephen Ivey for Ruth (USA)




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