Candice is ready to quit the dating scene and continue her life as a single pharmacist, turtle-lover and apple aficionado. However, Deborah, the ambitious owner of ‘Meet Your Match, Indiana’ will stop at nothing to force Candice and vaseline-addicted Australian Catalog Model, Stephen, to fall in love… no matter who gets hurt or how many turtles get lost along the way.
Directed by Elisa Daniels (USA)

His Good Wife

A short quirky romantic comedy (with a dash of thriller) about a frustrated wife who shares her feelings with her very foolish husband.
Directed by Sage Christian Drake (USA)

Touttay (Parrots)

This is a story of a theater personality, who has written a play which is adapted from a poem. When he is trying to perform it into a stage play, then some influential people, with hidden agendas become his obstacle. This times it is not about Freedom of Speech but Freedom of Thought.
Directed by Shashank Shekar Singh (India)

Real People

A horror short film with an unexpected twist. Inspired by Black Mirror and Pet, this film wants to reflect on relationships, jealousy, the impact of social media in our lives, how we present ourselves and the risks that guys take compared to girls in our society.
Directed by Adele Biraghi (Italy)

Mommy’s Girl

A family drama about a young girl’s struggle to pursue her passion for boxing despite her mom’s doubts. Student film produced within the University of Southern California.
Directed by Adele Biraghi (USA)

The Crow’s Head

A young woman enters the narrow streets of an old town. There she meets a signpost with a headless crow on it and follows the direction arrow.
Directed by Pete Berger (Switzerland)


After Ivan was diagnosed with ALS, his relationship with Lucas is challenged when he starts to lose control of his own body.
Directed by Krit Komkrichwarakool (Canada)


Five hundred years of world art in five minutes, featuring three dozen iconic works rendered with nylon-tip pen and animated old-school style. Each painting is onscreen for three seconds; the transitions between them also last three seconds each. Made up of 2,500 individual drawings, with a musical soundtrack created by the artist.
Directed by Ronnie Cramer (USA)