Phantom Lover

Animated short music video of an original song, based on Jersey folklore, presented as a noir mystery with a touch of camp. Directed by Roberta Kavendek and Frank Cromer (USA)


Short film, then music video, serves as a prequel to the award-winning feature comedy, “Damn you, Roland’s Ruby!”
Directed by Melyssa Vazquez (USA)

Miss You

“Miss You” shows a snippet of the life of Ava, a cerebral tax attorney who keeps her emotions under lock, though recent events in her life in regards to her family make it hard to do so. Alongside her boyfriend Sameer, who’s struggling with his own demons while trying to make it as a comic book writer, we follow them through a night of conversations, arguments, love, and finding themselves in one another once again.
Directed by Shaz Mohsin (Canada)


Ani is a journalist who was charged by her diary to write an article about Ezra dead during an attack. For doing this, she organized an appointment with Lily, the sister of the deceased, in a pub. While she was waiting for her in the bar, she will make an unexpected meeting that will not leave her indifferent.
Directed by Gazanfer Biricik (France)

Secrets, Dreams, Faith and Wonder

“Secrets, Dreams, Faith and Wonder” is a multi-award-winning feature-length non-narrative “visual music” film; its five movements (the short-subject contains one section from each movement) use computer animation, painted film, and photographic sources (together with an original electronic-music soundtrack), and map loosely onto the sections of the Catholic mass (but with an epistle lesson from Martin Luther King and a credo by Mahatma Gandhi).

The Girl With the Flute

Emotional intimacy is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people can deal with sex – as long as only the body is involved, but when it comes to emotions seemingly suppressed very dark secrets surface. Most of the time music can temper the girl’s childhood trauma – but not always. Will her new lover be saved or run into the inevitable?
Directed by Dieter Michael Grohmann (Belgium)