Indie Short Fest

The Bunny

‘The Bunny’ aims to confront anxieties experienced by students about how they choose to spend their limited time at university – whether to see it as a social or an educational opportunity, as mirrored by the struggle throughout the film.
Directed by Ruochen Zhao (UK)

The Magic Behind the Mojo

For the past 50 years, Mojo has been entertaining audiences around the world. He’s a musician, singer and songwriter and the leader of Mojo and the Bayou Gypsies. About 6 years ago, I discovered his music searching for a soundtrack for 10 ‘Soldier Story’ mini-documentaries created to engage support of the creation of a National Museum of the US Army. These stories of Army combat veterans were impactful and emotional and Mojo’s composition ‘Lights on the Bayou’, a beautiful and haunting ballad in the cajun style, was the perfect fit. This introduced me to Mojo and the discovery that there is more to his music and more to the man than his cajun accordion. This documentary looks into the making of a man who gives something every day, lives life to the fullest, and all his friends are friends for life.
Directed by Joe Gallo (USA)

Bottle Boy

A lonely kid seeks friends by writing a message and putting it in a bottle, only to learn a valuable lesson in conservation from a council litter picker.
Directed by Tony Burke (UK)


Three coworkers in a semi-secret love triangle go on a camping trip and make a discovery that pushes them to drastic actions.
Directed by Daniel Lake (USA)