Nominees: 2020 Annual Awards

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Best Indie Short

Pusher produced by Gardner Grout, Andi Morrow, Richard Garber, and Kristen Dye, and directed by Andi Morrow (USA)

Sick Boys Die Alone produced by Misha Zvagilskiy and directed by Howard Campbell (USA)

Where Dreams Rest produced by Lareina Joelle and Ariel Du, and directed by Elaine Wong (USA)

Best Drama Short

Bad People produced by Vladimer Katcharava and directed by Giorgi Tavartkiladze (Georgia)

Lullaby produced by Irene Alfambra, Roger Villarroya, and Mario Rico, and directed by Roger Villarroya (Spain)

Unlike Today produced by Mike Beilfuß and Matthias, and directed by Astrid Menzel (Germany)

Best Documentary Short

Campesinos produced and directed by Matias Bolla (Australia)

High Flying Jade produced by Jayjit DasGupta and directed by Katherine Sweetman (Vietnam)

The Mortician of Manila produced by Fiona Lawson-Baker, Emile Guertin, Laura Shacham, and Katharine Round, and directed by Leah Borromeo (Philippines)

Best Comedy Short

Bad Assistant produced by Brendan Garrett and Paige Klone, and directed by Kyle Cogan (USA)

Champion produced by Maciej Slesicki and directed by Grzegorz Porzeziński (Poland)

The Mouse produced by Liat Akta, Shraga Bar, and Marco Carmel, and directed by Liat Akta (Israel)

Best Romantic Comedy Short

After Life Vacation produced by Maria Brasero and directed by Alberto Belli (Spain)

Heartstruck produced by Karen Sanovicz and directed by Ian Thomas Kent (USA)

Manasanamaha produced by Shilpa Gajjala and directed by Deepak Reddy (India)

Best Dark Comedy Short

I Will Not Write Unless I Am Swaddled In Furs produced by Jimena Murray and directed by Wade Shotter (New Zealand)

L’Escale produced by Pieter De Cnudde, Edward Bosschem, and Francis Bosschem, and directed by Pieter De Cnudde (Belgium)

The Master of Cuchillo produced by Rodrigo Sebastian Gonzalez and Regina Galaz, and directed by Rodrigo Sebastian Gonzalez (Mexico)

Best Action Short

My Darling Alex produced by Brett Tinning and Zoe Couper, and directed by Wilson Huang (Australia)

Nemesis produced by Tim Earnheart, Matt Fleming, S. Joe Downing, and Ayuba Audu, and directed by Tim Earnheart (USA)

The Rift produced by Natalia Fernández and directed by Pedro Maccarone and Max Franco (Argentina)

Best Crime Short

Deceit produced by Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografia and Josian Lopez, and directed by Jose Lopez Aramburo (Mexico)

Jane Doe produced by John Elsen, Brett Rickaby, Amanda Lamberti, Paola Deocampo, and Paul Kampf, and directed by Brett Rickaby (USA)

Ruffians produced by Pierre Yves Le Cunff and directed by Alexandre Jallali (Belgium)

Best Film Noir Short

At the End of the World produced by Arielle Brachfeld and Taylor Bibat, and directed by Fon Davis (USA)

Tension produced by Kristýna Šlemínová and directed by Michal Starý (Czech Republic)

The Big Red Bastard produced by Thomas Horvath and Cooper Barnes, and directed by Thomas Horvath (USA)

Best Mystery Short

Esther produced by Emily Vere Nicoll, Hannah James, Montana Mann, and Andre James Champagne, and directed by Matt Plaxco (USA)

Foxx n Wolfe produced by Shaunette Renée Wilson and Manish Dayal, and directed by Shaunette Renée Wilson (USA)

Vacant Rooms produced by Maciej Slesicki and directed by Bartłomiej Jakubiak (Poland)

Best Thriller Short

A Strange Calm produced by Jai Marquel Pellerin and directed by Austin Rourke (USA)

Juicy Girl produced by Mark Montgomery, Katharine Kim, and Kaiwi Lyman, and directed by MJ Kim (South Korea)

The Barber produced and directed by Sergiy Pudich (Ukraine)

Best Horror Short

Bad Dreams produced by Lucy Trendle, Chloe Byatt, and Charlotte Woodhead, and directed by Stuart Fryer (UK)

The Door Down The Hall produced by Julian Vetrone and directed by Christian Vetrone (Canada)

The Reflection produced and directed by Avdjin Kutakis (Russia)

Best Fantasy Short

Calamity Falls produced by Aaron Keteyian and Ethan Seneker, and directed by Hadley Hillel (USA)

True Story produced by Riadh Thabet and Amine Lakhnech, and directed by Amine Lakhnech (Tunisia)

Young Lady in the Pantry produced by Albee Zhang and directed by Tian Shi (China)

Best Sci-Fi Short

Exkursion produced by Lena Westermann and Jörg Erber, and directed by Moritz Brandes (Germany)

Infinitus produced by Robert Wagner, Landsick Media, Lion el Aton, and Jody Carman, and directed by Cameron Currin (USA)

Uncario produced by Mauricio van Hasselt and directed by Didier Konings (USA)

Best Western Short

Ghost in the Gun produced by Sam Purdy, Tony Jonick, Stephen Berke, and Rena Yamamoto, and directed by Andrew Chen (USA)

The Lost Mine produced and directed by Mauriel Morejon (USA)

The Rift produced by Natalia Fernández and directed by Pedro Maccarone and Max Franco (Argentina)

Best Animation Short

Post Mortem produced and directed by James Todd (UK)

Preheated produced and directed by Luke Snedecor and Sarah Heinz (USA)

The Train to Qinling produced by Ringling College of Art & Design and directed by Shir Baron (USA)

Best Children Short

Boy Racer produced by Barry Fahy, Paddy Murphy, and Vachn Gill, and directed by Barry Fahy (Ireland)

Calamity Falls produced by Aaron Keteyian and Ethan Seneker, and directed by Hadley Hillel (USA)

The Little Thief produced by Jervis Li and directed by Nicole Vanden Broeck (USA)

Best Women Short

Alyzée, Elsewhere, Otherwise produced by 2017 Films and directed by Stéphane Deluermoz (France)

Here Comes the Night produced by Carole Chassaing and Delphine Leoni, and directed by Delphine Leoni (France)

Poopal produced by Ponvishal Chidambaranathan and directed by Tijo Thomas (India)

Best LGBTQ Short

Adeline produced by EICAR International School and directed by Audrey Biche (France)

Pastel produced by Cornland Studio Sàrl and directed by Michael Guillod (Switzerland)

Vanilla produced by Géraldine Alluaume, Françoise Cony, and Julie Humez, and directed by Géraldine Alluaume (France)

Best Microfilm

Simulation Hypothesis produced and directed by Andrzej Dragan (Poland)

The Mother produced by Hoang Duy Khanh, Khang Nguyen, and Mai Phuong Ngo, and directed by Le Huy Anh (Vietnam)

Time produced by Neil Linpow and directed by Neil Linpow and Greg Francis (UK)

Best Experimental Short

Drawn Curtains produced by Molly Zhou and directed by Marfisia Bel (USA)

Father produced and directed by Suzanna Zawieja (Germany)

Into the Belly of Beijing produced and directed by Richard Reid (China)

Best Student Short

Black produced by Nicole Adams, Aren O’Kelso, and Andres Gonzalez, and directed by Aren O’Kelso (USA)

Dreamland produced by Maciej Slesicki and directed by Natasza Parzymies (Poland)

Mum’s Hairpins produced by Rustem Samigullin, Olga Akatieva, and Taras Stadnikov, and directed by Tatiana Fedorovskaya (Russia)

Best Director (Female)

Astrid Menzel for Unlike Today (Germany)

Marfisia Bel for Drawn Curtains (USA)

Shaunette Renée Wilson for Foxx n Wolfe (USA)

Best Director (Male)

Didier Konings for Uncario (USA)

MJ Kim for Juicy Girl (South Korea)

Roger Villarroya for Lullaby (Spain)

Best Student Director (Female)

Elaine Wong for Where Dreams Rest (USA)

Natasza Parzymies for Dreamland (Poland)

Tatiana Fedorovskaya for Mum’s Hairpins (Russia)

Best Student Director (Male)

Austin Rourke for A Strange Calm (USA)

Bartłomiej Jakubiak for Vacant Rooms (Poland)

Hadley Hillel for Calamity Falls (USA)

Best First Time Director (Female)

Andi Morrow for Pusher (USA)

Delphine Leoni for Here Comes the Night (France)

Stéphane Deluermoz for Alyzée, Elsewhere, Otherwise (France)

Best First Time Director (Male)

Alexandre Jallali for Ruffians (Belgium)

Amine Lakhnech for True Story (Tunisia)

Grzegorz Porzeziński for Champion (Poland)

Best Actress

Alba García for Lullaby (Spain)

Raphaele Godin for Here Comes the Night (France)

Sara Rue for The Bridge (USA)

Best Actor

Geoffrey Carpiaux for Ruffians (Belgium)

Jason Schwartzman for Bad Assistant (USA)

Kaiwi Lyman for Juicy Girl (South Korea)

Best Child/Young Actress

Coco Jack Gilies for Sammy (Australia)

Giovanna Bush for A Strange Calm (USA)

Weronika Wachowska for Vacant Rooms (Poland)

Best Child/Young Actor

Jacob Sandler for A Strange Calm (USA)

Kue Lawrence for The Little Thief (USA)

Reuben Dodd for The Bridge (USA)

Best Acting Ensemble

Jonas Geirnaert, Zouzou Ben Chikha, Elke Shari Van Den Broeck, and Lino Van Reeth for L’Escale (Belgium)

Kaiwi Lyman, Cheongmi Lee, Samantha Daniel, and Andreas Fronk for Juicy Girl (South Korea)

Vakhtang Chachanidze, Jano Izoria, Dimitri Tsintsadze, Davit Kvirtskhalia, and Mamuka Esadze for Bad People (Georgia)

Best Original Screenplay

Amine Lakhnech for True Story (Tunisia)

Fernando Perez and Suzy Stein for At the End of the World (USA)

Tijo Thomas for Poopal (India)

Best Cinematography

Mehrez Tabka for True Story (Tunisia)

Przemyslaw Jurkiewicz for Vacant Rooms (Poland)

Vladimir Egorov and Igor Kiselev for Mum’s Hairpins (Russia)

Best Editing

Alexey Nazarchuk for Mum’s Hairpins (Russia)

Amine Lakhnech for True Story (Tunisia)

Tawan Bazemore for Sound (USA)

Best Visual FX

Didier Konings for Uncario (USA)

Moritz Brandes for Exkursion (Germany)

Rodrigo Soto for Infinitus (USA)

Best Original Score

Edwin Wendler for At the End of the World (USA)

Sebastien Romero for Uncario (USA)

Toshiki Nagata for Sumire (Japan)

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All Nominated Films (I): 2020 Annual Awards

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