Chaplin Theater: Block 1.4 – Special Screening 2022 Preview I (Saturday 22nd, 3.10pm-4.30pm)

Out of competition

Dark Tales

A dark and twistedly comedic tale of two lovers who embark on a series of violent events that all take place over the course of one night.

Directed by Michael Yosef (USA)

Breaking & Entering

A young woman’s conflicted life battling multiple addictions and questionable choices culminates with an autopsy-like introspective journey when she finds herself locked in a morgue with the body of a long-lost love.

Directed by Michael William Hogan (USA)

Three Stops

A young woman opens up to a taxi driver about the tragic story of her sister while planning revenge on her death.

Directed by Tati Golykh and Anton Ernst (USA)

Orbital Christmas

In near future, a Muslim space pilot is working alone on a space station during the Christmas season. A Japanese girl, who lives in the city on the Moon and wants to go to the Earth to meet her father, stows away in an unmanned cargo ship and gets on board the space station.

Directed by Mitsuyasu Sakai (Japan)