Block 5 – Thrillers

Auditorium #13: 11.00am – 12.35pm, Regal LA Live, Jan 21st, 2023

The Turn Ahead

On an evening when two friends, drunk and en route to a party accidentally hit and run over someone, they try to cover up and plan an escape route. The police try to unravel the hit and run.

Directed by Jessin Joy (India)

USA premiere


After losing her father to a terrible genetic disease, 17 year old Keira moves in with her estranged uncle. The constant surveillance of his smart house and the weight of her grief drive her to paranoia, and she begins to suspect something sinister is going on in her new home.

Directed by Catherine Schetina (USA)

The Prey

While hunting in the forest with his dog, a man accidentally kills a young boy. Hearing someone approaching, he decides to run away…

Directed by Thibault Lafargue and Romain Lafargue (France)

The Prey

The Case

A retired special victims detective is pulled back into the world of sex trafficking on a case he thought was dead cold.

Directed by Patrick House (USA)

Los Angeles premiere