Award Winners of September 2022: Technical Categories


Outstanding Achievement Award (Producer): Helen Mckee and Shereen Shaltout for The Advocates (Bahrain)

Best Director (Female): Masha Ko for Bona To Vada (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Director – Female): Andrea Sambuccetti for The Water Wall (USA)

Honorable Mention (Director – Female): Federica Alice Carlino for After You (USA)

Best Director (Male): Ahmed Messoudi for Beneath Her Lipstick (Morocco)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Director – Male): Michael Carnick for I See You (USA)

Best Student Director (Female): Beidi Wang for Wax and Wane (USA)

Best Student Director (Male): George Leontakianakos for Timeless Dialogue (Greece)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Student Director – Male): Christopher John Desiderio for The Sister’s Seance (USA)

Honorable Mention (Student Director – Male): Charlie Laurie for Listen (New Zealand)

Best First Time Director (Female): Stephany Barbalho for Private Audition (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (First Time Director – Female): Shereen Shaltout for The Advocates (Bahrain)

Best First Time Director (Male): Pierre Songy for Libre (France)

Outstanding Achievement Award (First Time Director – Male): Walid Messnaoui for No Key (Morocco)

Honorable Mention (Young Filmmaker – Female): WeiDuo Feng for A Promise (USA)

Best Young Filmmaker (Male): Steven Song for Lego and Chill (Canada)

Honorable Mention (Young Filmmaker – Male): Christian Aguilera and JP Tehomilic for Star Student (USA)

Best Actress: Manal Belhaj for Beneath Her Lipstick (Morocco)

Best Actor: Houyao Yang for Underwater (China)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Actor): Tim McLaughlin for Fleeced (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Supporting Actress): Melissa Tucker for Private Audition (USA)

Honorable Mention (Supporting Actress): Stephanie Esparza for The Pussycat (USA)

Best Supporting Actor: Abdeslam Bouhcini for Beneath Her Lipstick (Morocco)

Best Child/Young Actress: Kayden Brenna Tokarski for I Miss Her, Too (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Child/Young Actress): Edie Yvonne for At Ease (USA)

Honorable Mention (Child/Young Actress): Weiduo Feng for The Dawn (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Melissa Tucker and Daniel Joey Albright for Private Audition (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Acting Duo): Makeda Declet and Will Ajax Harris for The Second Coming (USA)

Honorable Mention (Acting Duo): Mayreni Sweis and Linda Maria Girón for Golden (USA)

Honorable Mention (Ensemble Cast): Nate Ford, Eric Ellis, Max Knudson, Victoria Horn, Mike Hennessy, Carolynne Bremmer, Danika Starrharrt, Jordan Gore, Alan C Jones, Jenny Wolff, and Adriel James Wulf for Playbill (USA)

Best Production DesignBeneath Her Lipstick (Morocco)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Production Design)Long Road to Cariboo (Canada)

Honorable Mention (Production Design): Stephany Barbalho and Greyson Xiu for Private Audition (USA)

Best Original Screenplay: Pierre Songy for Libre (France)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Original Screenplay): Ahmed Messoudi for Beneath Her Lipstick (Morocco)

Best Cinematography: Gabriel Carnick for I See You (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Cinematography): Rico Franse for Lost Trauma (Netherlands)

Best Editing: James Huynh for Wanderer (Australia)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Editing): Connor Linnerooth for Space Junk (USA)

Best Sound Editing: Gio Ursino for The Man in the Mirror (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Sound Editing): Sara Kaddouri for No Key (Morocco)

Honorable Mention (Sound Editing): Tom Gelo for Adventures With The Caretaker (USA)

Honorable Mention (Sound Mixing)Peace-Melody Under Brushes Peace 7: How to Prevent and Heal? (USA)

Honorable Mention (Costume Design): Lynly Saunders for She Speaks To The Trees (USA)

Best Makeup and Hairstyling: Bouchra Sakhi and Houda Karmas for Beneath Her Lipstick (Morocco)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Makeup and Hairstyling): Nicole Kotsanta for Timeless Dialogue (Greece)

Best Special Makeup: Renee Schulz for Wanderer (Australia)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Special Makeup): Bouchra Sakhi for No Key (Morocco)

Best Original Score: Melvin Tu for Wanderer (Australia)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Original Score): Jeffrey Wilson for Bona To Vada (USA)

Honorable Mention (Original Score): Hélène Choyer for Radio Moon (Egypt)

Best Original Song: U So Mean Nothing 2 Me by Ryan Martinez, Mike Westbrock, Debra Gussin, and Stacy Hogan (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Original Song): Electric Eyes by Zofia Hame (USA)


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