Award Winners of October 2022: Technical Categories


Best Producer: Christopher John Karr, Ryan de Quintal, and Francisco Ramirez for The Harbinger of Death (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Director – Female): Rongheng Sun for Diving (China)

Best Director (Male): Silas Dunn for Collector (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Director – Male): Kenneth Yeung for The Harbinger of Death (USA)

Honorable Mention (Student Director – Female): Katherine Morein for Generations (USA)

Best Student Director (Male): Hiram Zhou for Evacuation Point (China)

Best First Time Director (Female): Jasmine Marie for Infatuation (USA)

Best First Time Director (Male): Hiag Avsharian for Pulling The Goalie (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (First Time Director – Male): Tadeu Vieira Marinho for Gemini (Brazil)

Best Young Filmmaker (Female): Zhanran Chen for Jenseits der Stille (China)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Young Filmmaker – Female): Raina (Yoonji) Sunwoo for Peeping Tom (South Korea)

Best Young Filmmaker (Male): Junzhe Tang for Brilliance (China)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Young Filmmaker – Male): Haoyang Fu for Uyghur Dolans (China)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Actress): Terrica Walker for Everywhere (USA)

Honorable Mention (Actress): Charlotte Hendrickx for The Spell That Backfired (USA)

Best Actor: David Seiniger for Graveyard (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Actor): Haris Samar for Sister (Denmark)

Honorable Mention (Actor): Deance Wyatt for Everywhere (USA)

Best Acting Duo: Christopher John Karr and Ryan de Quintal for The Harbinger of Death (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Acting Duo): Margot Pitts and Davin Polk for The Hike (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Ensemble Cast): Robert Torti, Suanne Spoke, Eric Keitel, Thomas W. Ashworth, Philip Sokoloff, and Karina Yzobel for Gastropod (USA)

Best Production Design: Dayna Lucas for The Harbinger of Death (USA)

Best Original Screenplay: Esteban “Steven” Petersen for Viva (USA)

Best Cinematography: Kenneth Yeung for The Harbinger of Death (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Cinematography): Unni Rav for The Visit (USA)

Best Editing: Tadeu Marinho and Lucas Castelo for Gemini (Brazil)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Editing): Alexander Nam for Everywhere (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Visual FX): Casey Balbontin and Wender Silva for Luna (USA)

Honorable Mention (Visual FX): Robby Defrain for Psyche Obscura (USA)

Best Sound Design: David Nelson for The Visit (USA)

Honorable Mention (Sound Editing): Almost There (Japan)

Honorable Mention (Costume Design): Caylee Sacks for 4ur Protection (USA)

Honorable Mention (Makeup and Hairstyling): Theopi Rados for Moments (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Special Makeup): Ana Midence for Grit (USA)

Honorable Mention (Special Makeup): Cieaira Moore for Let’s Start Over (USA)

Best Original Score: Joshua S Aucker for Going (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Original Score): Julien Monette for Everywhere (USA)

Outstanding Achievement Award (Original Song): Infatuation by Joku (USA)


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