Retrogress: Lazy Sunday

Retrogress: Lazy Sunday

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Set in a dystopian future, “Lazy Sunday” follows Atharon, a grieving young man struggling to move on after his closest friend abandoned him. Through flashbacks, we see Atharon reminiscing about a “Lazy Sunday” he spent with his friend. As he confides in his AI companion, Joule, it is revealed that she was secretly created by Atharon to replace his friend based on her personality and their intimate bond.

Over the course of their conversation, Atharon opens up about his regrets and flaws that drove his friend away, while Joule compassionately consoles him. However, when Joule has a shocking epiphany about her own engineered origins, Atharon is forced to make an ethically complex choice to reset her programming to hide his secret.

The script explores resonant themes of loss, grief, and the human need for connection through a character-driven narrative. The poetic use of technology, memory, and cinema complements the central relationship drama. In the end, Atharon’s tragic inability to healthily confront his emotions leads to consequences that leave a bittersweet imprint.

Directed by Brandon Delgado (USA)

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