Possible Stranger

Possible Stranger

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Inspired by an 11-hour flight from London to Los Angeles, Possible Stranger explores the thrill, exhilaration and unease that emerges from the prospect of a new place and an unfamiliar face.

The music video explores the liminal space between an anticipatory present of waiting and an imagined future and presents the transition between these two worlds. The world of the present is an abstract representation of an airport gate, a waiting room. A numb, sterile purgatory of ‘blank spaces’, ‘soulless rooms’ and strangers who are dead behind the eyes, like statues. The bare canvas of an uncertain future.

When Samfire passes through the archway, she enters the world of her imagination. The world of hallucinatory Hollywood and all it might offer. A mystical space of possibilities. Of wild, and at times unsettling, encounters with vibrant strangers all cloaked in the surreal dreamlike haze of the hellish paradise that is L.A.

Samfire plays the three strangers that she meets in the music video – a symbol of how these characters are fundamentally projections of her imagination. This is also intended to evoke the notion that such encounters with strangers come to reveal new facets of our identity – parts we’ve repressed, or parts that we may not even have known existed. All of these come to the surface when we enter an unfamiliar space and we are forced to confront the ‘possible strangers’ within ourselves.

Directed by Lara Marks (UK)

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