Getting Along

Getting Along

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Getting Along is as much short film as music video. 

This piece poignantly captures the fairly terrifying suspended animation of life for artists at the height of pandemic lockdown, but not without levity and hope. Isn’t it remarkable that so many artists in that time responded to the question of how they were possibly going to keep making art under such conditions, by making more art?

The words: “A Pandemic Duet” may not officially be in the song title, but there’s no way around it – that’s what this song is. A conversation between two artists, rooted in that strange expanse when all of us, individually and together were grappling with the changing of seasons and the marching of time, while life as we knew it stood seemingly still.

Two artists, two people, getting closer before everything stopped, checking in on each other. “How are you getting along?” Asking even though they knew the answer.

City Mouse, Country Mouse, different views, same reality. Shipwrecked, landlocked. Exercising resourcefulness and industriousness in states of secret silent panic and creeping depression. “So much is happening standing still / What to do when it’s time that kills?” Looking for beauty in the most and least familiar location for touring musicians: Home.

Kathryn asked her friend, singer songwriter double-Juno-nominee Julian Taylor to hold up one side of the conversation in Getting Along, who brought his signature unaffected, genuine sensitivity to the song.

Directed by Scott Dobson and Michael Phillip Wojewoda (Canada)

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