The Curse Effect

The Curse Effect

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A True Story – Short Documentary

Dive deep into the heart of Indonesia’s Borneo jungle with ‘The Curse Effect.’ This riveting mini-documentary delivers never-before-seen footage of one of the most feared tribes on earth, Suku Dayak. Enter a world of the tribe’s private way of life known for its voodoo traditions, daily rituals, and historical enemy headhunting. Defying the odds as a foreign outsider, filmmaker Gregg Jaden miraculously earned the tribe’s trust, gaining access to film them like never before… at the tribe’s land. Uncovering the mystery of a voodoo curse and their fight against a deadly, unseen evil.

Jaden’s journey immerses you in the tribe’s everyday existence, rituals, and resilience in the face of the curse’s deadly grip on Keanu Haridanus. In this suspenseful rare journey to forbidden lands, ‘The Curse Effect’ uncovers the harrowing experience of a man living under a life-threatening voodoo curse, chilling tales from locals, and the tribe’s magical spiritual ancestor connection that’s helped them survive for centuries in the Borneo jungle.

Experience ‘The Curse Effect.’ a compelling blend of fear, magic, and a life-or-death struggle, as Jaden leads you through a world unknown, teetering on the edge of good vs. evil.

Directed by Gregg Jaden (USA)

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