Roberta's Rules

Roberta’s Rules

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Michael Young is a father of three and husband of 17 years to the beautiful ROBERTA YOUNG. In his eyes, as a father and husband, he’s been amazing, and is teetering on making partner at the prestigious Los Angeles Law Offices of Dean, Weinberg & Ableman. While life is moving along, ROBERTA’S breast cancer returns out of remission. Roberta decides to go through the holistic steps that helped her beat cancer the first time around. She keeps it a secret, not wanting the family to live with anxiety. However, the cancer returns aggressively, and she must confess its terminal.

After the family comes to terms, life moves along until ROBERTA returns from the hospital to enter hospice in her own home. The three kids, Andrew (16), Lisa (10) and Logan (3), fight to move on with life with a father, turns out, they don’t really know. Just before the funeral, In-laws, and relatives from out of town come together to celebrate Roberta’s life. All the pain comes to ahead between Andrew and Michael in front of the family gathering. Andrew blames his absent father for his mother being gone and the two erupt at each other. Uncle Casey and Uncle Mason try their best to calm things down, but they are only left with Andrew raging one direction, and Michael another. Michael returns to the room Roberta spent her last days, only to find a flash drive in the trunk by the bed when he puts her favorite blanket away. Michael races over to the computer, inserts the flash drive and after a few clicks, Roberta appears on the monitor. Roberta greets Michael and goes on to tell him that when she found out she would only have approximately 7 months to live, she recorded every thought under the sun the kids could possibly endure on separate video clips. Now, on in the i-Cloud are 9 months of recordings to help him raise their kids even though she has passed on.

Directed by Derrex Brady (USA)

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