Ocean's 14

Ocean’s 14

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Logline: A group short film project turns to chaos as divas clash, twins with a deadly cat allergy appear, and feather boas start to fly. Facing the prospect of F’s on their report cards, the teens need to figure out how to work as a team if they are going to beat the clock and salvage their project.

Brief Synopsis: Lila, Marcy, Tatum, and Ryan are assigned a project in English class to create a short film on “problem solving through collaboration.” Lila asks her friends to help out, and Murphy’s Law kicks in. There are mid-rehearsal script rewrites, an understudy has to step in, and girl code gets chucked out the window. After Julia’s wheezy twin siblings pull out the pool noodles, Lila is ready to give up on the doomed assignment. Between Aidan leaving early and Keira’s fashion faux-pas, the kids learn the importance of connection and collaboration—a lesson that is ever harder to learn, growing up in a digital age. As everything falls apart, the group has to discover what they’re really trying to accomplish and what they’re going to have to do to get it done.

Directed by Tyler Rockwell (USA)

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