The Other Shore

The Other Shore

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The man selling meat has a crush on the lady selling meat across the street. Later, the man was bullied by women and killed their clients to make meat buns. But women were unaware of the existence of this man from beginning to end. During the police investigation into a disappearance case, it gradually surfaced. And behind this, there is actually an unknown love story hidden. I also want to express not to kill other lives due to my own desires. In a moment of thought, it is often between this shore and the other shore, the corner and the other side.
The causal relationship between the body, language, and meaning of sentient beings expressed. Nowadays, most of the world’s wars and disasters are related to karmic killing. Letting go of life is not only about saving life and practicing Buddhism, but also about letting go of troubles.
If all six sentient beings in the world do not kill their hearts, they will not continue with their life and death – “Shurangama Sutra”

Directed by 盼 胡 (China)

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