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#Whitehairdontcare is a documentary film that looks into how a very personal decision a woman makes to accept her own aging process can cause ripples in the world around her, pressuring her to follow a set of societal standards that don’t really benefit her. It’s a small glimpse into the unfortunate reality for so many women who don’t want to fit the mold society has made based on physically and mentally unhealthy beauty standards.

Much of the inspiration for this short film is drawn from a 100 day focus group that was conducted on TikTok, to better understand how people, especially young people, view aging in this day and age. More specifically, the research was based on showcasing a woman embracing her aging hair to see how people would react to seeing someone blatantly go against traditional beauty standards that obsess over eternal and flawless youth. #Whitehairdontcare brings to life the experiences & fears about aging that are part of many women’s daily existence.

Directed by Aishah Iqbal (USA)

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