La Conjunta

La Conjunta

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La Conjunta follows the life of a moody brown girl that has been receiving otherworldly messages in her dreams about releasing the inner demons of her childhood trauma and shame around her queer sexuality. With the encouragement of her community, a newfound love, and courageously pursuing her dreams- she begins the process of healing and starting a new chapter as her whole authentic self.

La Conjunta is a collaborative 10-minute short film highlighting the work of 11 Dallas-based creatives. Presenting some of Dallas’ current talent for black and brown filmmakers, artists, activists, photographers, musicians, writers, actors, community organizers, and visionaries. The result of this project has culminated in a rich, diverse, and multi-talented network of Dallas-based working artists of color that came together as a community to accomplish this short film.

Directed by Christopher Sonny Martinez and Amy Zapien (USA)

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