Therapy Session

Therapy Session

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In the gripping short film, “Therapy Session,” a desperate man named Isaiah embarks on a relentless quest to locate his missing little brother, Aaron. Filled with anguish and driven by a determination fueled by love, Isaiah takes an extreme measure by abducting Aaron’s trusted female therapist, Dr. Gordon, hoping to uncover vital information about his brother’s mysterious disappearance

As the film unfolds, tensions escalate within the confines of the makeshift therapy session. Isaiah’s unwavering determination clashes with Dr. Gordon’s composed professionalism, resulting in a high-stakes confrontation that threatens to unravel the truth hidden beneath the surface.

“Therapy Session” explores themes of family, loyalty, and the lengths one is willing to go to protect their loved ones. Through its expertly crafted storytelling and nuanced performances, this gripping short film takes viewers on an emotional roller coaster, delving into the depths of human psychology and the blurred lines between hero and villain.

Directed by Darryl Koi Pugh (USA)

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