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When a CIA agent with supernatural powers discovers his mother, long believed dead, is still alive, he goes rogue to find her and is hunted by his former team, who will stop at nothing to keep him from discovering who he is and his mission here on Earth.


U.S. Army Captain, TIFFANY PEMBROOK, a remote viewer and precog working for the Project Stargate program, is being tested at a secret military base on the day of a total solar eclipse. Tiffany is five months pregnant.

The powerful eclipse causes the facility to lose all power. The lights go out, Tiffany scream outs in the darkness, and when the lights come back on, her stomach is flat and there’s blood in the chair beneath her.  

A portal suddenly opens up in the room and a bloody teenage boy step through it. Upon seeing Tiffany’s pain, the boy destroys the room with a wave of his hand. When finished causing this mayhem, the boy looks into Tiffany’s eyes and faints, and Tiffany, in turn, vanishes in front of everybody.

A black lab assistance, BERNARD CHASE, who will later become the Director of the CIA, covers the boy’s naked body, and under government authority, will raise the boy as his own. The child will have no memory of any of this and will be told his mother died at birth and his biological father was never found. It is a believable story until Marcus reaches his adult years and Tiffany begins to reach out to him from another dimension.

She calls on Marcus to rescue her from the aliens who will not let her cross back over. Against his adopted father’s wishes, he goes rogue to find her and is psychically led to an extraterrestrial posing as an old woman called, THE GUARDIAN, The Guardian shows him the origin of his birth and how he can help his mother cross back over and stop the alien takeover that is already underway.

Tiffany, a classically trained pianist and opera singer before joining the Army, only appears for short intervals in the places where she finds the most peace; the opera houses. Marcus, having inherited her musical talents without training will sing, play and take out bad guys along the way as he travels from opera house to house to find and rescue his mother. 

Meanwhile, his former partner, FEDERAL AGENT, DAX ALI, and BOUNTY HUNTER, CASEY FLEX, do everything in their power to stop him.  In finding his mother, Pembrook will not only help his mother cross back over, but he will finally discover who and what he is and his role in saving humanity.

Written by L. E. Coleman (USA)

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