Purple Heart

Purple Heart

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A short Animation Film done using Blender Grease Pencil.
The story is based on my true life experiences that occurred over a span of 5 to 6 days.
I have tried to symbolise my understanding of love as a tree – dense with lush green leaves in the beginning that eventually wears off as time passes, and then finally blossoms with beautiful flowers. The blossoming can be related to the realization that occurs within oneself.

Momma is my close friend, Papa is my colleague, Grandma represents the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti and Sadhguru, Traveler represents the Youtube channel Kurzgesagt and Internet.

LUCA – Last Universal Common Ancestor. Src: Wikipedia

The Wolf cub is a dog, the Hunting and grazing represent my work, the horse represents my Alto K10 car, the feeling in my stomach was the guilt trip which I experienced for the first time, the basket represents the Instagram Direct Message and the hearts represent the emojis of respective colors.

After I sent the letter to her, she never spoke or saw me again. A few days later, I reacted to her Instagram story on her dog with a Red Heart to which she responded with a Purple Heart.

One evening, while I was sitting on a chair in my friend’s house and thinking about all these events, my friend’s dog, a Doberman ( who minds his own business whenever anybody was around ), came near me, tucked me and gently put his head on my lap.
That was a magical experience.

I thought she would never speak to me ever again, but her decision to respond with a Purple Heart was what made me feel relieved and Joyful. The burdening guilt had suddenly vanished and I experienced something beautiful that cannot be explained by words. That moment is when I realized that there is absolutely nothing to be guilty about in life.

Such acts of kindness are what the world needs. It could heal any illness.

That day, I truly felt that every situation is a possibility, and that we just need to exercise our choice.

Directed by Sathya Bharath Balan (India)

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