The Subway

The Subway

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17-year-old Anisa, an Afghan refugee living in Korea, navigates her way through a subway with her friend Soojin. She faces race-based microaggressions throughout her journey to acceptance and belonging in Korean society.

“The Subway” was produced to raise awareness about the sufferings of refugees who have lost everything: their homes and families. Now they must adjust to their new lives filled with uncertainty and social stigmas. The amount of anti-refugee rhetoric and false information is at an all-time high, along with an urgency to handle the crisis. Xenophobia is visually and auditorily narrated through the actors’ aggressive facial expressions and vocal tones, along with dimming and isolating spotlights on the refugee actress. The set resembles a typical Korean subway where all types of strangers with different backgrounds gather in a cramped space. The set highlights intolerance revealing its true nature in a confined space. Moving from one area to another area through the subway door symbolizes refugees’ wandering without settling down, social isolation, and the discrimination they suffer.

Directed by Ukyung Nam and Yunseo Jeong (South Korea)

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