Living Dead

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The film tells the inner monologue of an ordinary theatrical actor who has no friends and no sense of presence since childhood. But he longed to be seen, to have a light in the world shining for him. But the reality is overwhelming him. Can he be redeemed? It reveals the loneliness of contemporary young people. Jason is a special theater actor who plays “Death” in a small production play. Although the play was small, he was sure that he would become a famous dramatic actor. He had to do a lot of odd jobs in addition to acting because the income from this profession could not support him. For this reason, people around him are urging him to change careers or take part in Tik Tok or commercials, but Jason stubbornly sticks to the stage of “drama”. Jason’s mom is in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy, so he really needs the money. Reality is crushing him, but he still sticks to his original dream of one day a cast call him audition, asking him to play a lead role in a play… Will reality leave him alone? The meaning of the film is complete realism, exploring the topic of life and death. Is it harder to live, or to die, for an ordinary person afflicted by reality? If he killed himself, did he get over it, or didn’t he? In this fast-developing society, the loneliness of modern young people seems not to be understood, which is also an important cause of their psychological problems.

Dire ced by Jingjing Tang (USA)

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